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Information about hosting the bar

Many people ask for a “host” bar to complement their boat cruise. In general, this means that the organizer/client is picking up the whole tab for the bar. In most cases this is done on a consumption basis, meaning you will pay for everything that is served, i.e. the actual consumption.

Many people refer to a host bar as meaning “all you can drink.” But there are rules about these things. And, many clients ask why some places do it and we can’t. We will do it for weddings, and in fact many of our wedding packages include a host bar.

Here are the AGCO’s rules when it comes to “all you can drink bars.”

The license holder and the event organizer have entered into a written contract that sets out separately the price of the food component and the price of the liquor component of the package.

The price of the food component is the fair market price and represents more than 50 per cent of the total price of the package.

The event is intended only for the invited guests of the event organizer, is not advertised to the general public and is not open to the general public.

Attendees are not charged a fee for admission to the event or for liquor or food.

The event organizer or the organizer’s delegate remains on the premises at all times during the event.

The time for which alcoholic drinks may be provided to attendees without charge to the attendee does not exceed eight hours.

The licence holder, the employees and managers of the licence holder and the security personnel other than paid duty police officers acting as security personnel at the event have completed a server training course approved by the Board of the AGCO.

The licence holder keeps all contracts relating to the event for at least one year after the event takes place.

For more information about bar options for your cruise with Yankee Lady Cruises feel free to contact us.

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