Guest Services

Ensure your guests have the time of their lives with these helpful Guest Services suggestions for making your cruise a most memorable one.

Have a photographer take pictures of your guests as they arrive. Not only will they love having their pictures taken, these photos will make great keepsakes for them.

Keep the Kids entertained. Consider having a separate area for the smaller children where they may be entertained by clowns, magicians, or crafts. This will allow the parents to enjoy themselves, while keeping the little ones out of trouble.

Whether a live band, or our DJ, make sure there is music for everyone. Dancing is one of the most fun things to do, so get all your guests on the dance floor. And, if you are so inclined, perhaps consider Karaoke to get those imaginary rock stars up!

Involve your guests. Involve your guests in games, karaoke, or a casino. Have them sit down and have their caricature drawn or their handwriting analyzed. Play team building exercises. Getting your people in the mix of things is a great way to make them feel welcome.

More Guests service we can provide!

Serve snacks towards the end of your cruise. Your guests will be partying up a storm and will definitely need an outlet to satisfy their late-night cravings. It can be as simple as an ice-cream bar, candy bar, or a late night sweet table

Don’t forget the bathrooms. Have baskets of goodies (pantyhose, deodorant, cologne, breath mints, hair spray, etc.) placed in the loos. Your guests will think you thought of everything!

How about a theme? Your guests can have fun and get involved if you are planning your party around a theme. For example, a 50s theme. Your guests can dress up in poodle skirts and sleeveless shirts, while we decorate the boat in gingham tablecloths, and play the music of the golden oldie 50s. Yankee Lady would be happy to customize any theme idea.

Entertain with a photo booth. Rent a real-to-life photo booth for your cruise. Your guests will go away with a souvenir, and you will have a scrapbook memoir filled with your guests in all their candid glory!

A little thanks. Thank your guests for being part of your event by sending them off with a small gift or memento of the occasion. This adds a personal touch when the gift has a significant meaning. Green gifts, such as flower/vegetable seeds, are a great way to say thank you while caring for the environment. Or if this is a corporate event, one of the managers should say goodnight on the gangway and hand out specialty merchandise from the company.

Hope You found the Guest Services we suggested helpful.
If you’re looking for something else just let us know.

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