Business Dinners

Business dinners are a long-standing tradition, used to conclude fiscal years, celebrate new milestones, introduce new management, or a host of other prestigious events. They integrate entertainment with professionalism and allow different corporate levels and branches to mix and mingle. A successful business dinner commemorates company achievements, recognizes successful employees, and entertains the guests.

Whether you choose a less formal buffet, or a 5-star sit-down formal menu, Yankee Lady Yacht Cruises can provide the classy venue for your event. You simply have to decide which way you want to show off. We’ll help you set the scene for your guests as we glide them in front of Toronto’s spectacular skyline.

We can help with selecting entertainment, or you may bring your own: bands, keynote speakers, and classy musicians. We can help with the décor: flowers, chair covers, table settings. We can provide the beverages of choice on our liquor licensed bar: single malt scotches, wines of your choice.

Whatever the reason for your business meeting, let us help you entertain. For more information, or a tour of our ships, please Email us or call 416-868-0000.

Boat cruises and business dinners for Corporate Events.

Business dinners are a great way to connect with clients.

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